Threading a Guru Bead 3: 4 Steps

Threading a Guru Bead 1: 4 Steps – Instructables

A guru bead is a three holed bead that is used to finish Buddhist malas or prayer beads. Also known as the ‘mother bead’. To complete you will need: 1 guru bead (plus tower) 1 …

Threading a Guru Bead 3 – Instructables

May 18, 2013 · Threading a Guru Bead 3. By Dharmashine in Craft Jewelry. 18,719. 12. 1. Step 1: Thread the Bead. Use the thin thread to thread the bead. (Using either the wire or the crochet hook) see «how to thread a guru bead 1» or «how to thread a guru bead 2» for how to do this.

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Jan 18, 2014 · Mala making is a beautiful practice In this video I show threading all 4 strings through the bead in one gesture. This is not recommended for small holed stones.

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Step 3: String the cord through your needle. Then string the needle through the side hole of the guru bead and down through the bottom hole. Step 4: Pull the cord through the bead. Step 5: With the other end of your cord, repeat Step 3 by stringing it through the opposite side hole of the guru bead and down through the bottom. Step 6:

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Guru beads feature three stringing holes and includes a smaller tower bead, which holds the ends of your stringing material together, as seen in this Lapis and Lace Necklace. These beads are traditionally used in Mala jewelry. Malas are used with a prayer, or mantra, to meditate. Many malas feature a guru bead at the center of the design.

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Aug 09, 2016 · Jess teaches you tips and tricks for using (sometimes tricky) Guru Beads so you can take your malas and mala-inspired designs to a new level.

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3) Guru Bead – Choose a Guru Bead that appeals to you or fits your needs. If you are going to string in 1.5mm cord you *must* opt for the larger guru bead hole (3mm). Every 5 guru beads comes with an essential Cord Puller (but more can be purchased here). If purchasing a DIY Mala Kit it will come with a 2mm hole since .8mm cord is included.

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Step 3: Start stringing your beads and pull a tight knot after each bead using your thumbnail to push the knot tight against the bead. Traditionally, no tool is used to make the knots. Step 4: Continue this repetition for 108 more times. Notice how malas are as meditative to make as they are to use!

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Size AA thread easily fits through size 15/0 seed beads, while Size D works well for seed beads size 11/0 or larger. Both threads easily pass through English and embroidery needles size 10/12. Cords. These 3-ply twisted nylon cords are great for macrame, bead …

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Start out with the second petal by adding more beads. Since you’ve completed the first petal, take one side of a string and thread that with 2 yellow beads. Add 7 more beads that is the consistent colour of the first petal. You should leave out only one bead for this petal, because this will play a role for the later step.

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5. Finish your bracelet with a wood bead that fits on the hole shown on step 1. Insert the wood bead through both of the 2′ threads. Repeat step 3 two times, make a knot and that’s it!