Why is Boston Called Beantown? Plus Baked Beans Recipes

Why is Boston Called Beantown? Plus Baked Beans Recipes

Boston Bacon Baked Beans – Chef John gives Boston Baked Beans a twist: This recipe calls for bacon instead of traditional salt pork. Boston Baked Beans and Brown Bread – Boston Brown Bread is the perfect accompaniment to Boston Baked Beans: Here are …

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Boston’s popular name of “beantown” dates back to many years ago and, in fact, does have a reference directly to beans. In fact one of the most popular foods found in the city for many years were beans baked in molasses syrup with the name “Boston baked beans” still being popular throughout America today.

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Back in the Colonial days, beans were essential to survival, and the preferred American way to serve these nourishing seeds was baked. In Boston, an international trading hub in the late-1700s, citizens had ready access to molasses and salt pork to flavor their cuisine: The recipe for …

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So, the exigencies of colonial trade meant Boston had an abundance of inexpensive molasses, which local entrepreneurs soon put to good use. Why beans? Same reason armies used to like them. Cheap, storable, and very easy to cook. SDStaff McCaff, Straight Dope Science Advisory Board . Send questions to Cecil via [email protected]

Why Is Boston Called «Beantown»? (with pictures)

Why Is Boston Called «Beantown»? Beantown is another name for the American city of Boston, Massachusetts. As one of the nation’s oldest cities, Boston is home to many historic buildings, including the Old State House, which dates back to the early 1700s.

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Why is Boston called Beantown? Because of Boston Baked Beans, of course! Why did Bostonians love baked beans? Well, Boston had tons of beans, because they´re cheap and easy to grow, store and cook. Boston had tons of molasses because of trade. Sugar and Molasses were brough in by the shipload from the West Indies, to be sold in Boston in exchange for rum and other local goods.

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Nov 06, 2013 · Molasses came to be used as an inexpensive sweetener, not only in baked beans, but in myriad other dishes. The prevalence of the ingredient certainly helped baked beans to stay on the menu in many a Boston household. But Boston’s role as a center for rum production is often overlooked, likely because local and national history has traditionally downplayed the impact of the Triangle Trade.

Origin of Bean Town, Boston’s Most Famous Nickname

There have been several other places known as Bean Town, but in popular culture, Boston has captured the title as Bean Capital of the United States. Beans and brown bread were a staple in colonial New England. At Plymouth Colony in 1622, the local Native Americans baked corn bread in earthen pots, and called it mazium. When the Pilgrims sojourned in Holland before emigrating to America, they got …

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Boston Baked Beans Recipe Boston is called «Beantown» for good reason. Ever since the Colonial days when Boston was part of the Triangular trade in molasses, rum, and slaves, molasses has found its way into the local cuisine. Beans baked with molasses and salt pork became synonymous with Boston cuisine. This baked beans recipe recipe …

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Mar 03, 2008 · Best Answer: Boston Baked Beans were the hottest thing back in the early 1900’s. People loved the shape and taste of them. So they referred Boston as Beantown. It just took off from there. It seemed once the city got a nickname early they stuck pretty good.

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