‘Naruto’ Reveals Stunning New Fact About Kawaki

‘Naruto’ Reveals Stunning New Fact About Kawaki

Naruto knows how to drop bombshells, and it seems Boruto has inherited the gift from its predecessor. Recently, the sequel put out its latest chapter, and the big update stunned fans with a

‘Naruto’ Reveals One Secret Behind Kawaki’s Power

Naruto knows the key to powering up characters, and Boruto has only upped its game. The sequel is finally toeing into its main plot, and the manga’s new chapter revealed some big details about

‘Naruto’ Reveals Stunning Things You Never Knew About Kawaki

Naruto knows the way to drop bombshells, and it appears Boruto has inherited the present out of its predecessor. Lately, the sequel set out its most recent chapter, and also the large update stunned fans with a revelation about Kawaki. So, you have been noticed! There are many spoilers below for Boruto’s 25th chapter! Boruto […]

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Sep 25, 2016 · Naruto, our beloved show, is a story of two friends, brothers, and rivals. As the story proceeds we find out that those two are the reincarnations of the two sons of The Sage of Six Paths. Ashura, and Indra.

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The manga reveals he did know kawaki but kawaki wasn’t originally a member of the leaf, and he ended up living with boruto and maybe they will get use to eachother and act like freinds maybe become freinds and then BOOM it’s sasuke all over again sort of.

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And boruto father will final give him attention because the shinobi world is done. Now kawaki ended up actually trying to end the shinobi world by killing people. Which ends up in the death of naruto which leaves boruto dumb founded and guilty. They fight and kawaki damages one of borutos eyes.

Top responsesRedditKawaki most likely is using the ninja tools that naruto banned in bortuo the movie. The ninja tools can replicate extraordinary power and it could be why he focuses … read more6 votesit’s boruto and saradas son..3 votesThis is honestly a great theory.1 votehe looks like a clone of Boruto or maybe Naruto1 voteSee all

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Kawaki vs Naruto : The Speed The Amenotejikara is a space time ninjutsu used by Sasuke Uchiha after he obtained the rinnegan. It allows the user to launch surprise attacks against the enemies.

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This also means that Naruto actually does die, because the fusion of Naruto and Sasuke chakra/DNA is far more powerful than Naruto. I did some digging into the name Kawaki, and I found that it can be interpreted from Japansese to English as Ka = or, and waki = side.

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Furthermore, there are similarities between Kawaki, Naruto, and Sasuke. As you may have noticed, Kawaki had both blonde and black hair, most likely stemming from his Naruto/Sasuke DNA. Because Naruto and Sasuke are the reincarnations of Asura and Indra, Kawaki should theoretically have the powers of the Sage.

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Guys this is a new manga and we do not know how far in the future the Boruto Vs Kawaki fight is set. for all we know a surprise back stab (similar to Madara and black zetsu) could have happened to Naruto, and Kawaki is just rubbing it in to Boruto.

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Jun 15, 2016 · They can always add a new villain that surpasses naruto or sasuke or find a way to have boruto surpass his father. And boruto will surpass naruto the writer will find a way give him some new power up to put him at god tier. the marking on he and kawaki are some new …

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I have seen so many theories that say kawaki is denki, naruto, iwabe or even shinki. Some say kawaki is shin, some say he is an experiment of Orochimaru but all those have been debunked by Manga. Kawaki is not any character we know he is a new character on his own.

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